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We have partnered with an extensive assortment of top-name brands to deliver the latest products to our clients. Best of all, because we believe design decisions should be made in the comfort of your own home, we come to you.

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Renee’s Design inspiration comes from years of world travel, living in Europe, and moving all around the United States. Clients will experience not only a decorator able to add simple yet unique design elements, but also a seasoned business professional and military Veteran capable of first-class service to complete simple or complex projects. A love for a happy functional home or business drives Renee’s desire to help create, redesign, or update spaces. Whether drawn to pure function or in search of something with more of a frisson, Studio Rose understands. If it’s finishing touches to a DIY that’s needed to pull it together, the Studio Rose Team will take the time to thoughtfully complete the desired look. Don’t know where to start with a new room, no problem; tackle it together.

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